Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sensory play toys

So, ala Buckley, plus some ideas from various places i'm in the midst of creating a sensory play box for Nathy. So here is my attempt at a pat mat..
nice and squishy... some gold stars..

Next i've made a little shaker thats full of different bits and pieces
Not sure if you can tell but there is some macaroni and conchigeli pasta, some rice and some lentils.... and a very tight lid!!

I tried to make the drinks bottle with water and stars... and i thought i'd be all eco friendly and use the tub the gel came in but i filled it, shook it and got covered in red water.... me thinks I need something witrh a tigthter lid!

So, next on the scrounge will be some different fabrics, a wooden hairbrush, wooden spoon, pegs, knitted toy etc.....

1 comment:

  1. Those shower puffs are great for sensory things and good for posting into big tubs, etc.

    The party bag toys in supermarkets sometimes have weird but good things too!
    Love it! Xxx


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