Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sensory play toys

So, ala Buckley, plus some ideas from various places i'm in the midst of creating a sensory play box for Nathy. So here is my attempt at a pat mat..
nice and squishy... some gold stars..

Next i've made a little shaker thats full of different bits and pieces
Not sure if you can tell but there is some macaroni and conchigeli pasta, some rice and some lentils.... and a very tight lid!!

I tried to make the drinks bottle with water and stars... and i thought i'd be all eco friendly and use the tub the gel came in but i filled it, shook it and got covered in red water.... me thinks I need something witrh a tigthter lid!

So, next on the scrounge will be some different fabrics, a wooden hairbrush, wooden spoon, pegs, knitted toy etc.....

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Things I'm enjoying

There is one main theme here.... Alice Buckley. She is writing a great new blog about how her and Dave teach their kids about Jesus through play.

Check it out here! Click below...

Another thing I'm loving is a blog that Alice has on her like list... truly hilarious!

Ah, the internet... never boring

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Things of note....

So, life goes on. We're struggling with colds in the Hills household which has meant not travelling down to my mums this weekend. Was nice to be able to chill with my boys but I did miss my mumma.

Here is my little sleeper... in the cutest t-shirt "My Daddy Rocks". I took him to the cranial osteopath this morning, he's been a wee bit grumpy and i'm hoping that this is because of a headache. The osteopath said that his head was slightly out of line and his neck was stiff so i'm hoping with a couple of treatments we should see an improvement. He was so well behaved and smiled his whole way through it!

I also thought i'd post some pics of the nursery... still not quite finished but I only get time to do stuff when he's alseep, which also happens to coincidence, funnily enough, with when he's in the nursery!

I like owls and this is one I made whilst I was in the hospital waiting for Nath to arrive.

This is a little bird I made to sit on the tree...

And there is the tree on the wall plus his crib and wardrobe. More of my owls on the top.

Plus, my lovely mum gave us the money she got given from her retirement to buy something for Nath, so we got a Noah's ark

And we got his name in wooden letters to put on his wall...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How to start doing things again?

SO, the little man is in his crib asleep.... it took ages, not like him... he's been a funny little creature of late. I would say that he's not been himself, but I'm starting to worry that this is him.... the crying grumpy so and so! Anyhoo, I live in hope my placid little smiler will come back at some point!

It's funny, I'm really struggling to get life to any kind of normality when the wee man is in bed. I'm past the needing to lie in a darkened room stage everytime he is in bed but I'm struggling to know what to do. There is the obvious washing and tidying house aspect but apart from that I seem to have forgotten what I did before the little one was born. 

I know I like to be crafty, but I can't think what to do...
I know I like to bake but I don't seem to have the get up and go (plus I always forget one crucial ingredient and I can't just pop to the shops anymore!)
I like to go out.... (but again that is harder!)

So, what to do.... I guess it'll gradually get easier...

Until then, I'll hang out the washing and write this!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


This having a baby thing keeps you quite busy doesn't it.. I'll be back soon to talk about not much...

Thursday, 19 August 2010

He's here

My beautiful baby boy Nathaniel William James Hills is here..... finally.

I know.... mummy's are biased but I think he is a stunner of epic proportions. 

Just to say I was induced, has 3 lots of induction agents, finally waters went at 2 in the morning, started contracting like the billy-o, went from 1cm to 9cm in 5 hours, finally got up to delivery suite and then spent 4 1/2 hours pushing. He still couldn't quite get out  (by about 2-3cm lazy tyke) so had a drip to intensify contractions (if that was even possible) and after another 45 minutes had a forceps delivery with a 3rd degree tear thrown in for good measure. All of which was done with gas, air and stubborness.

8lbs 9oz, 52cm long

So worth it tho :)

Monday, 9 August 2010

38 + 5

Oh and here I am today...
And here are a couple we took with my mum x

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